Peak Inversion: Netanyahu vs. the Israeli population

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Netanyahu - "I have to make sure the future of the Jewish state is safe and sound. That's my one goal, and I would like to be remembered as the protector of Israel."
 How can you possibly be considered the protector of the Israeli people when you brought in the legendary criminal corporation Pfizer to experiment on them as lab rats with the mRNA vaccines?
No one who truly wants to protect their country and it's people would disregard all advice on safety and do such a thing. It's indefensible in every way imaginable and so obviously hypocritical. 
Netanyahu - "I think the important thing is not merely what we've done for Israel, but the fact that Israel can serve as the truly global test case, not for dangerous experiments, but to understand this safe experiment that we're carrying out"
Berge WEF President: "I heard that you had been on the phone 70 times with the Pfizer CEO"
Netanyahu - "21 times, not 70." 
It's so absurd and you have to be suffering from terminal levels of cognitive dissonance to not see how backwards this all is. It's peak inversion.