Part 7 - Shanksville

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Part 7

Every story needs a Hero
“Let’s Roll”

This part of the story is more revealing than Building 7 to some, Flight 93 which was apparently high jacked only for passengers to “Hero” up and take it down, but there’s more holes in this story than the 911 commission report…

The Shanksville incident has even less wreckage debris than the Pentagon, with almost no wreckage people immediately questioned where is the plane?

According to Gov officials, the “Plane” literally sank into the ground…

Hit at an upside down 45 degree angle the tail fin should have been ripped from the plane yet according to “officials” it cut into hard earth like a knife through hot butter (never happened before in history) how many plane crashes in history can you think of where the earth literally consumed the plane then covered itself up?

As if that defies all scientific logic, officials collected debris that was scattered across a 6-8 mile radius while the wind was a slight breeze. Then there are residents who gave testimony of a small white aircraft in that vicinity while the “crash” occurred, flying away from the crash site

Vernon Grose - “The role government plays into times of stress is, can the public handle the truth, we need a legend at this point to react to a sadistic act, it’s actually nice to consider the Beemer (Let’s Roll) story and let it stay where it is”

So do you believe the official story that “Heroes” took over the plane and sunk it into the earth removing all evidence or was this a distraction to add a humble element to a horrific event to give people hope…

911 is the new Pearl Harbor full documentary