Part 10 - No Planes?

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Part 10
No Planes?

One of the biggest arguments in the 911 truth community is where there planes or not? Let’s dig into that shall we…

How does the nose of a plane go through one of the strongest steel buildings ever built and come out in tact on the other side, yet a bird will literally destroy that same nose? How does the delicate aluminum wings cut through solid steel?

Many have made the argument that it was reinforced military aircraft that actually struck the towers, while others claim it was cgi, but how would that explain the hundreds of eyewitnesses who claimed to see a plane? Although many were proven to be crisis actors, that doesn’t account for everyone so what really happened?

What is Project BlueBeam and is that a plausible option? Before you debate this you must remember that the technology the military has is at minimum 20 years beyond what is known to the public, if you take that into consideration and think about what we see technology can do today, the military could do it 2 decades ago. But let’s keep going…

What if there were no high jacked aircraft that day, what if all those cell phone calls were orchestrated and tampered with? Is it possible? Absolutely
This right here tells you how 👇

For those “calls” to exist in 2001 at an average of 30k feet would be practically impossible since it would have to immediately jump from one service connector to another at rapid speeds without losing the call, and regarding “No planes” please revisit the Pentagon and Shanksville for further confirmation