Part 14 - Controlled Demolition

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Part 14
Controlled Demolition

Define Demolition…

Throughout history there was never a high rise building that EVER fell from being on fire or fell due to office furnishings, after researching however, I did find 3, and it just so happens that all 3 buildings that fell from “fire” were all on 911…

How does a “plane” impact on top of the towers cause the lobby and basement levels to have catastrophic damage from explosions as given by hundreds of testimonies? The narrative given was that the “jet fuel” ran down the elevator shafts all 95 floors to the lobby, that is literally impossible

Why did building 7 collapse even though it wasn’t hit by a “plane”, the narrative given is that office furniture on fire brought down the building, then why have demolition teams at all?

Why did all 3 buildings fall at free fall speed into their own footprints without any resistance from all the structures below? Why did the twin towers turn into dust in mid air? Why was thermite found at ground zero and multiple witnesses say they seen molten steel in pools of Liquid Metal, jet fuel simply cannot produce that kind of heat

Why are support beams found after the collapse with a perfect 45 degree angle as used in controlled demolition using thermite?

The twin towers didn’t collapse, they were pulverized into dust in mid air

911 20 years of deception
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