WATCH The Moment The Police Find A Chained Woman In Kentucy

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On August 16th 2023, Police responded to neighbours reports of hearing screams from a home down the street.

When police arrived on the scene they had realised that the entire first floor was barricaded shut.

They noticed a woman screaming for help on the second floor.

Police used a ladder to climb to the second floor and enter through a window which the 37-year-old had opened for them.

Upon entering the room, police found the woman chained and padlocked to the floor.

Police had to use a hatchet and hedge clippers to free the woman from her chains and the padlock around her neck.

The woman’s boyfriend, 36-year-old Moises May, had told her to come over and clean the home, but chained her to the floor upon arrival.

Police arrested 36-year-old Moises May on one count of kidnapping, intimidating a participant in the legal process, wanton endangerment, assault and terroristic threatening and harassment.

Below is the body-cam footage of police finding the victim chained up in the home.

Terrible situation 😔