Official Lahaina story ISN'T EVEN CLOSE to the truth

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FEMA has a $25 billion budget & is claiming they “Don’t have enough money”

Maui Police Chief Receives a 28% Raise 50 DAYS BEFORE INCIDENT

“On a neighboring island of Lanai, they found 183 bodies washed ashore there. There's 800, as of today, reported missing. There are many hundreds that are being refrigerated right now, trying to get ID. They're asking people on the island to provide their DNA so they can match DNA to others. Outside the media, they're expecting this to reach almost 2,000 people in death toll”

“FEMA agents are also posting up at the Fairmont, Key, Lonnie, and Maui, where rooms range there from $1,300 to $4,500 a night.”

“Rescue operations are underway with 500 kids still missing”

“Under current state law, the chief of police for a county serves as the coroner if the county does not have a medical examiner. Making coroners independent from law enforcement will promote transparency, avoid conflicts of interest, and encourage more confidence in coroner's rulings. Remember, Maui police chief John Pelletier told reporters that the fire had melted metal, making the remains extremely difficult to identify. The remains we're finding is through a fire that melted metal. We have to do rapid DNA to identify them”

“With Pelletier both being in charge of the police department and in power of the investigations of the deaths, there certainly seems to be a sinister conflict of interest here. He knows exactly how many children are missing. After all, we're talking about families living in a small, 5.7 square mile area. He can certainly figure out how many children were living in each home.”

The video goes into great detail about MANY more inconsistencies

DEWs, Direct Energy Weapons
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